Dega Central Highland Organization

Every single Dega person should have the opportunity to decide over their own life and work hard to fulfill their dreams. The whole of Central Highlands must be the land of opportunity, for every Dega people. It is recognized throughout the DEGA Nation that we have a sacred duty to forever defend our rights as human beings and to provide our children with a proper education of the culture which was divinely bestowed upon us as a people.

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We deserve a prosperous coexistence as a people

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Prayers for Ukraine

8415 Moores Chapel Rd, Charlotte, NC 28214

We are cooperating with the Thrift Baptist Church in Charlotte to host an event.This event is all about Ukraine. Today,...


Congress Meeting

3821 Davis Ave, Charlotte, NC 28208

Congress is the highest decision-making body of the Dega Central Highland Organization. At the congress, the guidelines and proposals are...

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God created Dega people and gave us the right to exist.

Democracy and human rights and freedoms can never be taken for granted. We have the right to stand for justice. Dega people must live in our own lands without fear. We, people of the Dega Nation, in order to preserve our cultural and establish our independent sovereignty, desire a measure of prosperity and blessings that come by living in peace and freedom; acknowledging with humility and gratitude, the divine plan, guidance, goodness, and assistance, as may be bestowed upon us by the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe.

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