The Vietnamese Police Cut Off A Dega Leg And Died

Rmah Bit, born in 1975, lived in Plei Nang village, Commune Ea To, District Ea Grai.

He fled to Cambodia on August 13, 2015. After staying there for about two years, the UNHCR and the Cambodian and Vietnamese governments made an agreement to deport Dega refugees from Cambodia to Vietnam. Rmah Bit voluntarily signed his name to the deportation program. He was sent back to Vietnam on June 14, 2019. When he's back in Vietnam with his family he had no freedom; being under house arrest. He continued fighting for his rights to survive but could not win. Finally, Vietnamese police commissioners took him to the military hospital and cut one of his legs off in September 2020, two years ago. This was done because the Vietnamese police wanted him to be crimpled so that he won't flee from them again. He fought hard for his life and his freedom. Rmah Bit died on March 23, 2022.



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