Welcomed Outsiders

1876, The French begin exploring our homelands, beginning with the territory of the Sedang tribe in Kontum province in the north, the Rhade tribe in Daklak province in the west and south from Saigon to the Chrau tribal regions.

Dega Government

1946, French High Commissioner George D’Argenlieu signs the May 27 decree establishing the Federal Government for the Montagnard people in southern Indochina (see Appendix A, Federal Decree of May 27, 1946).

Got Pushed Off

1954 - Viet Minh defeats the French and Vietnam is divided at the 17th parallel. Ho Chi Minh took over the leadership in the north, and Bao Dai took over the leadership in the south.

The BAJARAKA Movement

BAJARAKA is a combination of the key letters of Bahnar, Jarai, Rade and Kaho, the names of the four great tribes of the Dega peoples of the P.M.S.I. (Pay Montagnard du Sud Indochinois) the country of Montagnards in southern Indochina.



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