Dega Man Killed By Vietnamese

Siu Hiêm, born 2003, Plei Thoh Ga Village, Commune Phu Nhơn, District Cứ Puh, Province of Gia Lai.

He was working for a Vietnamese guy. One day he went home from work and stopped at a Vietnamese shop and asked about the Vietnamese guy who owns the business. The Vietnamese guy gave him a drink. Siu Hiem took that can drink from the Vietnamese guy, but he didn’t know that the Vietnamese guy was already prepared to kill him. When Siu Hiem took the poisoned drink and drank it up, he started feeling something was different inside the drink. Immediately, he told everyone in that shop; I am going to die now because the Vietnamese guy put poison in the drink that he gave me. Siu Hiem was falling and starting to throw up, but no one there knew how to help him out. It took just a few moments; he died immediately on June 02, 2022. They call the Vietnamese police. Officers came, Vietnamese police officers do not care at all, the Vietnamese police officers just ignored him.



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