Dega Man Got Beat Up By The Vietnamese

Wen Ksor born 1960, Plei Teng village, District Tan Son, Province of Gia Lai. He just visits his cousin across the bridge about two miles away from his house, after the visit was over, on the way back home he didn’t know that a Vietnamese young man riding a motorcycle followed him. This man beat him up, so he started running on the road, in the meantime no one was there, only him and this Vietnamese man there chasing him. He screamed for help and the neighbors came out to help and his family members took him to the hospital.

According to Wem Ksor, he fell from the motorcycle because he was hurting and scared, his forehead and his face hit the ground, his eye was damaged, and blood came out so badly. The Vietnamese police officer was there, they said nothing, the policemen did not arrest the man who was beating him, the Vietnamese policeman let him go freely.

Wen Ksor asked the police officers why you did not stop the man and arrest him because he was beating me, why you do not care, why you are not doing your job. The police officers ignored him. He waited for a while, his family came over and took him to the hospital, staying there for treatment for one week, then he returned home from hospital, but he was not feeling well. He said, when the police came to my house to visit me, I asked the police officers the question, have you arrested the guy who hit me? But they never respond, they don’t care about Dega people at all, the Vietnamese government wants Dega peoples to perish.



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