Vietnamese Police Torture Deported Dega Refugees

Siu Nan, a young Dega man who lives plei Hra village, Commune ea hla, District Cự Puh, Province of Gia Lai. He was in Thailand in 2017 with his parents. The reason they ran away from home was because his father had been arrested and sent to prison. After his father was released from jail, they cannot stay home anymore because the Vietnamese police always came to their house to continue investigating and trying to find some causes to get them arrested again.

In 2019 he was deported from Thailand back to Vietnam, the Vietnam Embassy in Thailand signed his paperwork to take him back to his village. Siu Nan stayed there about three years from now, Vietnamese police officers said that he was the one who would start the Dega group against the Vietnamese government. Of course, that is not true, that is only Vietnamese police officers’ agenda against him. On March 28, 2022, the Vietnamese police officers arrested him and tortured him. His nose was bleeding, his face was swollen, and his eyes brushed.



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