The Vietnamese Police Kidnaping Dega Pastors

Adao is one of the Dega pastors who lives in Ya Xiêng Village, Communes Rờ Kơi, District Sa Thầy, Province of Kon Tum.

April 9, 2022, he went to Tan San Nhat in Saigon visiting, but the Vietnamese police kept eyes on him and followed, wherever he went the police were there following him. At that time he knew that he would get arrested, so he tried to get away from the police officers. He went out to Binh Duong City, but the 4 police officers were still following him. When he got to Binh Duong City, the police officers stopped him and arrested him and brought into the police station at Binh Duong. After the policemen took him, we do not know what’s happened to him, maybe he got killed or he is now in prison getting tortured.



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